About Us

The above photo is of St David Street, Brechin at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  The Gourmet Grocery (formally J.D. Adam) is situated, further along the street next to where the car is parked.

Our shop has been a grocers and coffee shop since 1931.  By coffee shop I mean the supplier of fresh coffee beans which can be ground at the premises if so desired.  When researching the shop history we found an ad in the Brechin Almanac, dated 1931 stating "Coffee at Its best” Must be freshly roasted, and ground immediately before using. The same coffee machine is still in use today!

The Gourmet Grocery has continued the traditions of its forbears.  We have experienced staff with a combined service of over 70 years. Their knowledge and experience gained over this period is second to none.   We also supply a free local delivery service, which is used by many of our loyal customers.  Ask and we will do our very best to fulfil your request, nothing is too much trouble for our helpful staff.

After all we have a reputation to uphold!